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    12.13.11 @ 01:09 PM
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    I know about Ed and Al's parents. I know about Dave's parents. The whole time Hagar has been in the VH loop I've never heard or read about his parents.

    Does anyone know about them? Does anyone know if they're still alive?


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    07.22.09 @ 10:11 AM
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    Your post aroused my interest because I also couldn't recall hearing anything about Sammy's parents so I did some quick online research and found this link with some info:

    Samuel Roy Hagar was born on October 13th, 1947 in Monterey California. Sammy was the youngest of four children by Gladys and Robert Hagar. Sam's mother made an appearance in the video for the song "Little White Lie" as a woman getting her purse snatched while guitarist Victor Johnson comes to her rescue.

    At an early age, Robert Hagar wanted his two young sons to follow in his footsteps. To his wife's dismay, Robert made his sons wear boxing gloves in the hope that they would someday become boxing champions. Sammy would spar with his older brother Bob for hours on end in the garage of their Fontana California home.

    The elder Robert Hagar was a left handed pro boxer who fought using the assumed name "Bobby Burns". Sammy said in an interview that his father also worked as a steel worker. At that time, Robert introduced his sons to many famous boxers and celebrities. Here is a black and white photograph of an infant Sammy in his father's arms alongside comedian Bob Hope. (See below)

    Unfortunately, all was not well in the Hagar household. Sammy has stated in many interviews that his father was an alcoholic. When Sammy was only nine years old, Robert Hagar divorced his wife Gladys. As Sammy grew up as a teenager, he resisted drinking alcohol because he knew all too well the effect it had on his father.

    When he turned 16, Sammy decided that he also wanted to become a pro boxer. He got his driver's license and went out searching for his father. Once he found his father, he then convinced him to stay sober long enough to train him. Sammy even lied to a boxing commision to get the chance to compete in boxing championships. Sammy realized soon after that he would not be able to become a professional boxer. Boxing is a sport which poses extremely mental and physical stress on the human body.

    It was the early 1960's. Bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were dominating the airwaves. Sammy knew he wanted to become a musician when he saw his sister's reaction to Elvis Presley. That started the ball rolling...
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    10.28.15 @ 04:22 PM
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    I had read his pop was a pro boxer... Cool info. Thanks! [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/bounce.gif[/img]



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