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Thread: funny thing

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    01.11.12 @ 05:57 PM
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    So I went to that new forum that was mentioned and I looked around for a little. Saw the funniest damn thing....somebody registered before our old friend FORD and took his username...the dude threw a fit and it looks like they gave the name to him.

    he blamed the sheep....funny joke and I would be very interested to see who did it. private message or e-mail perhaps.

    sorry if this is somehow inappropriate, i just thought it was funny and wanted to tell people.
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    05.12.18 @ 08:41 AM
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    not entirely innapropriate, but we would rather not dwell on any little issues on other boards from now on.

    Your message is out there now, no need for replies when as you mentioned, PM or email is the place. Topic closed.
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