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    I saw this kinda mentioned over in 'Speculation' I think, so I wanted to kinda give my little speal on it.

    Being a Canadian I have enjoyed what some would call 'free' health care all my life. 'Socialist' programs I think are a huge benefit to society. Yes, as Canadians we pay extremely high taxes, but you know the highways I drive to work on are first rate, if I am sick I am covered, if I am laid off (which has happened 3 times this year) I receive unemployment benefits, and the list goes on.

    Now, and I don't mean to bash here or anything, but from what I see my opinion of the USA is that yeah there is an 'American Dream' but it is for those who can afford it. If your in the USA and you get Cancer with no insurance your fucked, you will lose everything. Not the case here.

    Also, America is 'Capitalist' based, meaning that it will always be the rich who do well, the country was set up by the rich and made so they would stay rich. I bet you the homeless rate in the USA is more than the entire population of Canada, easily. That is sad.

    Now contradictory to my post here, and this is more to Ford, Corporate welfare is here to man. It will never go away, at least not until the most important thing in life is making money, either individually or corporately. Tax breaks and favouritism is given to companies here as well. But, you know what? Companies will say 'ok, you want jobs here, give us a break' or companies will say 'hey, you want jobs here, then you just ignore those pollution studies' the way of business, and business is what makes the economy roll along.

    You think you have it bad down there with 'corporate welfare'...try being the country who got fucked on the free trade deal and lost all their high paying manufacturing jobs to cheap labour in the USA.

    well, have fun, is my little speeal. Next speal will be hockey!
    Life is something that happens when your planning something else.

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