This guy is wacky, best known for playing Marty McFly's father in the original "Back to the Future" flick, he's now starring in a remake of the 70's horror movie, Willard, that's actually on my "to do" list of movies to see. He's had a pretty strange career. Whenever they were going to film the "BTTF" sequels, he wanted equal money that Michael J. Fox was getting so the producers went with a look-alike actor in his place. I remember seeing his memorable appearance on "Late Night with David Letterman" around that time pulling an "Andy Kaufman" by wearing a wig and doing a spin-kick nearly connecting with Dave's face, "I'm strong! I can kick!"! When they came back from commercial-break, Glover was gone! The last movie I saw him in was "Charlie's Angels" and I don't even believe he said two words the entire movie! (He's even in the sequel!)
Check out this video he's in below!

Crispin croons for WILLARD
Download the music video from the film's website

Remember the old adage "Truth is stranger than fiction"? This is one of those times.

As New Line Cinema prepares to release its remake of WILLARD, the studio has put a little treat up on the film's official website: you can now download the music video for Crispin Glover's rendition of "Ben", the movie's theme song. Yes, that's the same "Ben" song that Michael Jackson sung in the original 1973 WILLARD and yes, you read that right, Glover sings it in the remake.

Watch the video here-you have to navigate the site to find it.

WILLARD scurries into theaters this coming Friday.