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    04.28.18 @ 02:59 PM
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    I figured it out. The Anti-Christ is actually a being from another plant. It hitched a ride to Earth on the Mir. Mir is destroyed on re-entry which is perfect cover for the AC. The AC being an advanced life-form some how survives(miracle?) the re-entry. The AC/ET is picked up by it's followers already here on Earth. Probably in a Philipino fishing troller. They take him to the U.S.A. where he takes control of a young un-incoming political wonder kid with ties to Scientology and New Age Occultism. Bascically he takes over the body of this person and starts on his conquest of the Earth and the souls of it's inhabitants.

    He catches the eye of the major political parties. They all want the AC/ET. It comes down to who has the first major opening in their party that the AC/ET can slip into. That of course would be the Republicans because of Cheney's weak heart. Cheney kicks the bucket and the AC/ET moves in to the VP position. After that it's all written in the good Book for you to read.
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    VG, come on now.

    I know you're only kidding around, but really... Isn't one Anti-Christ thread enough? LOL. Personally, I think one is one too many, but being that I am the Anti-Christ my opinion may be slightly biased...

    You've started about 10 other threads in here.

    Tend to those.

    This is closed.

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