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    12.13.13 @ 11:26 AM
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    CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) -- At least 14 people were killed and 19 others critically injured in a disturbance early Monday at a crowded Southside Chicago nightclub that led to a "stampede" of patrons trying to get out of the building, police said.

    Chris Hernandez, a reporter for Chicago's WBBM television, reported people who were inside the Epitome Nightclub said there had been a fight between patrons, prompting a rush to an exit and the spraying of Mace by security guards.

    At least 11 people were being treated for less serious injuries.

    There were between 500 and 1,000 people inside of the Epitome Nightclub when someone discharged pepper spray or Mace, Chicago Fire Department Cmdr. Will Knight said.

    Many of the victims were trampled or crushed as they rushed to the club's exits.

    One of the building's exits was chained shut, and firefighters had to cut it open, Knight said. He said the area was being treated as a crime scene.

    Some opened doors and went into broom closets. Apparently there was only one way down from the second level to the first, contributing to the problem.

    Firefighters had to pull trampled bodies out of stairwells.

    "There was a disturbance or altercation in the bar in which pepper spray or Mace may have been used -- some sort of stampede occurred," said Chicago Police Officer Ozzie Rodriguez.

    "They're stuck in the hallway. They literally can't move," a panicked patron told police.

    "She's not breathing. She's not breathing," a man called to medics as he helped load the limp body of a woman into the back of an ambulance.

    The incident began around 3 a.m. CST (4 a.m. EST). The nightclub is at 24th Street and South Michigan Avenue.


    How does this shit happen? Exits chained shut? Only one way down from the second floor? Aren't there building codes to prevent this kind of thing? Some one has some serious explaining to do.

    Any linkers ever been to this club? What kind of club is it?

    Condolencences to the families of the victims... [img]graemlins/cry.gif[/img]

    [ February 17, 2003, 05:50 AM: Message edited by: diamondsgirl ]
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    05.21.18 @ 09:10 PM
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    just saw this on the web DG!

    sad stuff.

    they said 21 are now dead.

    that must be downright scary with 1500 people running for one exit...jeez


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    09.15.15 @ 07:40 AM
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    i heard the city of chicago is suing the guy for criminal contempt. because yes, there were many a violations. [img]graemlins/cry.gif[/img]



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