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    11.22.10 @ 03:57 AM
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    L.S.D. Radio (Volume Two) is being released this coming thursday 28th, 2000.

    We are celebrating this "new" station by holding 2 contests.

    Starting this Thursday, the "new" station will air the
    clues on the broadcast on how to win the contest.

    "Tribute Radio" has also gone under heavy construction lately, so we are running
    a contest on that broadcast also!

    What that means?
    ...Two chances to win

    You must listen to hear the clue/details.

    After hearing the clue, follow the instructions,
    and submit your answer as requested
    to be eligilble to win this contest.

    What do you win?
    ..Details to be announced tomorrow!

    When do you win?
    ..The winner will be annouced on October 9th, 2000

    GO TO http://www.VHVAULT.COM for more details!

    Ok guys ... so let's rock around the world !!!!! YUNNNKKKKK

    Eddie_italian from Italy --- member of the G4

    Listen to L.S.D. &
    Tribute Radio
    Member of The Van Halen Vault Inside 5150

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    05.20.18 @ 11:24 PM
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    Eddie, we got a lot of these threads everywhere, gonna close this one just to clean them up a bit.

    Webmaster - Your Van Halen Internet Resource Guide



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