I found the following link to be utterly hilarious:

Self-proclaimed cyborg to sue Air Canada over strip search

From the article:
Mr. Mann says he was so traumatized by the incident he checked himself into hospital upon his return to Toronto. His lawsuit will allege the airline discriminated against him because he is a cyborg--and will seek damages for loss of income and mental anguish.

"I know there are a lot of people out there who will read this and say 'This doesn't affect me, I'm not a cyborg,' " says Mr. Mann, "But the way I was treated by Air Canada, it could happen to anyone."
The article continues:

Mr. Mann has retained Toronto lawyer Gary Neinstein to sue Air Canada, the St. John's Airport Authority and Transport Canada. The lawyer has filed a notice of the impending lawsuit, and will make the formal claim this week.

"Basically, we are going to argue Professor Mann was discriminated against because he is a cyborg," says Mr. Neinstein.

"You can laugh at that, but I don't see the difference between showing up at the airport in a wearable computer, and showing up in a wheelchair.

"My client is a cyborg, not a terrorist."
See, FORD, it's not just AG Ashcroft who's gone off the deep end. Why, those crazy bastards at Air Canada . . .

And did anyone read this and wonder: 'This doesn't affect me, I'm not a cyborg'?