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    Go to and scroll down to the law section and click on the topic "church-state take case to Sumpreme Court" or something titled like that. Now I don't really want to get into a debate about this particular issue. What I want to talk about is why the ACLU is representing the School system in this case and not the family. They always represent people who want to do/act in ways different from most of society. Why is this case any different? My opinion is that if it has to do with religion(especially Christainity), the ACLU will rarely support. Unless it's something wacko like, some dude wanting to marry his chicken, while pouring honey over his naked body in the middle of a public park. The ACLU would defend that in a heart beat. I'm just interested in hearing other people's views on the ACLU.

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    VG, don't be shocked...the ACLU has a fine recent history of being firmly planted on the WRONG side of an issue...My only case in point necessary...their support for NAMBLA...the North American Man-Boy Love Assoc...yes, it's what you think...

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