"avhfan" from the dome started a league for the Baseball Challenge fantasy baseball at ESPN. Its free, and if you like baseball, its pretty damn fun and gets you into all of the stats of all of the players, plus the league is made up of all of us bastards that like VH.

The link to register is http://games.espn.go.com/cgi/home/Request.dll?FRONTPAGE

Scroll down to the Baseball Challenge 2001 (NOT Fantasy Baseball) link.

Follow the directions to create an ESPN username (keep your VHLinks user name if possible so we'll know who you are), and then create your team. Next, click join a group and search for Women and Children First (its a private league,click on the private link next to the search box). Our password is Wolfgang. Once you join, leave a message on the Bulletin Board to let us know you made it!