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    People check out and/or and read the articles on the Army Rangers and the controversy over their black berets.

    I have never served in the 75th Ranger Regiment but I have been through Ranger school and earned the coveted Ranger tab. I have served in various Airborne Infantry and Leg infantry units. Gen. Shinseki's(Army Cheif of Staff)decision to have the entire Army wearing the Black Beret by 14 June 01 is a travesty. This is a symbol of excellence and should not be reduced to just another general issued item for the entire Army. I know some of you civilians out there might think it is silly to get worked up over a piece of black cloth but let me put it in perspective for you. What Gen. Shinseki is proposing would be the same as the president of your college/university issuing out Phd's to everyone at the school so they could feel better about themselves/feel elite.

    The training and great amount of bullshit these soldiers endure to earn their beret and then later on their tab is monumental. It changes your perception of the world. It is literally a life changing experience. Anyone who has served in a Combat arms, Special Ops, or Combat service and support unit knows what I mean. To issue a symbol of excellence to a desk jocky is ludicrous and very disrespectful on the part of Gen. Shinseki.

    The Ranger Association, American Legion, and the VFW have come out against this decision. Not to mention every Ranger in the 75th and the Army.

    Fellow followers of VH I ask your help on this matter. Write/call your Representatives/Senators and help stop Gen. Shinseki from disgracing a great symbol of honor and sacrifice. Check out and show your support for this elite fighting unit. The definitely support and protect you everyday of your life. Thanks.

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    Know whatcha mean, VG. I felt the same way when the Navy decided to make flight jackets available for purchase by the troops, much less civilians. Hell, I still do a slow burn every time I see a "wannabe" aviator in a shopping mall, and you know they ain't done shit to earn it!

    The beret thing and the new slogan "Army of One" shit is beyond belief! Is one person gonna fight a war? It's too bad SECDEF hasn't overturned such a lamebrained idea yet. I'd hate to imagine what's next.

    LIGHT 'EM UP!!

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