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Thread: Guess What?

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    08.17.07 @ 04:09 PM
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    Originally posted by Fabulous Shadow aka VHL:
    seen~ it wasnt fair to close LA's thread without giving me a chance to defend myself...

    I never EVER claimed to write it... Nor to hide where I got the info...Fact of the matter is I didnt remember exactly where I got it from.[/b]
    And that would be why you wrote that you got most of your information from the Catholic Encylopedia (not once but twice), when every single word came from the Knights of Columbus Web Page? Right, and you posted links to everywhere else that contained similar information but that link?

    Originally posted by Fabulous Shadow aka VHL:
    If LA's posts make her feel like the smarter person then then good for her. It is unimportant to me to feel that I KNOW everything or more than someone else...You outwitted me...You win the award for the most knowledgeable Catholic on earth...Lets give her a round of aplause!
    See that's the pot calling the kettle black. I was trying to learn something... and you wouldn't answer my question. Just posted links to data that was written in some cases 150 yrs ago. Then when someone else repeated my question, you got your hackles up and blasted him with snide comments. Why so defensive?

    I don't have the most Catholic knowledge on earth, never have claimed to. Obviously you don't read the threads you start or you'd see on several occasions where Stuff has shown me where I was in error. I didn't get into any arguement with him over it. I agreed. He posted sincere replies. Not condescending dictionary definitions.

    If you would have honestly answered my question, none of this would have happened. Why couldn't you have said, "You know, I don't really remember where I got it, but I copied it from some Catholic site?"

    I don't know the answer to that question, but, my guess is it was in your strange need to hide the fact that you didn't write it despite previous posts implying the contrary. Again, I don't know what else anyone is to construe from, "Most of my information came from the Catholic Encylopedia..." with links, when you know that it did not come from there at all... Why the implication that you composed it..."Most of my information came from..." sounds like a claim at authorship to me! You couldn't admit it because then everyone would know the truth.

    Originally posted by Fabulous Shadow aka VHL:
    What's worse? Copy and paste or unattractive acts
    of competitiveness over what is supposed to be the holiest day?
    Again, I was just trying to lean something. But you couldn't/wouldn't answer it because you'd have been exposed. I just asked a sincere simple question. I'd never heard that word used in that manner and I was curious. YOU got defensive and snide. Not just to me but to others. So... who is the competitive one here??

    I'm not competing against you for anything, except maybe now to get the last word in , and expose fraudulent acts for exactly what they are.

    Originally posted by Fabulous Shadow aka VHL:
    Knowing alot about your religion obviously does not make you a Christain like person.
    I don't make judgements on the merits of anyone's faith or if their behavior is Christian like.

    But since you do, why don't you go back and reread your post to Guitar Shark, and evaluate yourself on Christian merit, since that's something you seem inclined to do.

    Originally posted by Fabulous Shadow aka VHL:
    I dont recall copy and paste being one of the 10 commandments
    Sure it is: Thou shalt not lie. To quote from another author and not attribute the source or apply credit is not only a lie, it is illegal. Its called plagierism, and it is punishable by law. I wonder what the authors of the copyrighted materials you've stolen would think if they new of all your theft? Simple addition of quotation marks, identifies something as a quote. If you weren't trying to pass if off as your own, again, an act of theft... what were you trying to do when you cut and pasted the entire quote from another source if you weren't trying to pass it off as your own??

    Originally posted by Fabulous Shadow aka VHL:
    I'm certain that since God died for our sins I am forgiven though it seem LA would like to crucify me...
    See, but in order to be forgiven for your sins, you have to be truly contrite, and I don't see anything like that coming from you. But it's not for me to judge you as guilty or not... all I've done is reiterate what Guitar Shark pointed out.

    As for crucifying you, nah... but I guess you now know what it feels like. You did it to Tracy.

    February 26, 2002 03:28 PM

    Fabulous Shadow aka VHL
    It's ok guys, you can find most of her stuff here...
    Majority of mine are originals....

    Everybody Wants Some..MORE!
    ...and it doesn't feel so good does it? Next time before you feel the need to expose someone, first make sure that you have no similar sin before you cast the stone.

    Originally posted by Fabulous Shadow aka VHL:
    And LA, if your not trying to be a know-it-all...why didnt you just email me...
    I posted a question in your thread because it was appropriate there. Why didn't you just answer? Better yet, why didn't you just answer honestly? You knew you copied that from a web page, and though you claim to have forgotten where, why couldn't you just admit it much... unless you were trying to hide the fact that you were pretending to have written something you didn't... why, I don't get. Mystery to me...

    All you had to do was answer the question, avoid slinging crap, and this wouldn't be a big deal. The raw emotion that you responded tells me that I am more then likely 100% right here... and I think it's more then just this thread that you're worried about being exposed a fraudulent author of, and THAT's why you're so annoyed that the truth is out.

    I'm irritated in you inability to be honest with yourself more then anyting. I'm not angry, I just feel sorry for you that you feel the need to respond in a hostile fashion whenever someone (anyone) makes an inquiry of your posts. JMJ got the brunt of that too. It's sad that you always feel like an inquiry is an attack on you as a person. My inquiry was just that Fab/VHL... a purely simple question. If you weren't so defensive and evasive about your cut and pasting, you would have been able to honestly answer my request with the truth, and I would have been fine with it. Nothing further would have been said. But to continue to deceive, and then be indignant about it... man... that's just really, really sad... [img]graemlins/cry.gif[/img]

    edits were to correct spelling and quotation errors on my part

    [ April 04, 2002 at 10:44 AM: Message edited by: LA ]</p>
    "May you die at age 128, in bed, shot to death by a jealous lover" DLR 2002

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    01.11.12 @ 05:57 PM
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    oh man, this shit's gotta die. It is so damn trivial. Bitch about something important, like Van Halen.

    typical women
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    -Lewis Tully in Ghostbusters

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Bravo LA!
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    Closing this, too.

    Non-Music isn't going to be cluttered with this shit.

    Take it to Email or PM.

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