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    Brett wrote Just Like Paradise, which today is the theme song of the major radio station in Hawaii. It was also requested to be the theme song for Beverly Hills 90210. The manager didn't feel that the money they were offering was worthy of a phone call to me, so I never heard about it until some seasons later.

    From the Wars and Remembrance chapter of Crazy From the Heat. Maybe it's just my reading between the lines, but I get the impression from this that Dave would have let 90210 use the song had he known about their interest. I just get the feeling that if he'd been against it, somewhere in this statement he'd have made a negative comment about the show wanting to use his song.

    Anyway, I wonder, if this had happened, what difference it would have made in Dave's career, his image, his popularity etc.

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    05.25.17 @ 06:28 PM
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    It might've helped his career. Actually, if a top-rated show like that had a Dave song as the theme, ALAE probably would've been more successful.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Glenn:

    Anyway, I wonder, if this had happened, what difference it would have made in Dave's career, his image, his popularity etc.


    It couldn't have hurt that's for sure. I remember after reading that part myself wondering WHAT really happened. One would think that if in fact this show would have really wanted this song, Dave and his people would have been all for it. But by the same token, who knew that 90210 would end up being so popular like it was. BTW I've never seen an episode. But I know it was a huge hit on tv. Out.

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    How much popularity did Survivor get for doing the theme song to Baywatch? I don't think they got much considering Baywatch was at one time the most watched show in the world. But of course DLR is 50 times more popular than Jimmie Jamison of Survivor!

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