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    Here's a cut and paste from an Motley Crue website. The guy being interviewed is Mike Flaherty, who was a part owner of Leathur Records which was Motleys' first record company.

    MF: There was a disc jockey, a female disc jockey on a local station called KROQ, which at that time was new wave. This disc jockey was Michelle Nuval. I don’t know if you remember the old TV series "Emergency"?

    CC: (laughing) Yeh.

    MF: She played a Nurse's Aide to Dixie McCall (actress - Julie London) in the TV show and later went on to become a disc jockey. She had this nightly show on Sunday night on KROQ where she would play some good stuff. I gave her a copy of Too Fast For Love and she started playing it. Actually, she was the first disc jockey in the world to play Motley Crue. Allan was happy that we were finally getting airplay. When he came back to town he invited this girl out for dinner at Carlos & Charlies on Sunset. Well it turns out, and I kind of hate to say this but it’s the truth, he starts having an affair with this woman. Allan started neglecting the band and paying more attention to this woman than he was Motley Crue. There was a New Year Eve show at the Troubadour with Motley Crue (1981), and somehow Nikki, or it may have been Mick, had become friends with David Lee Roth. David had agreed to introduce the band in front of the audience at the Troubadour that night and to sing an encore of Jailhouse Rock with Vince.

    CC: Right OK.

    MF: This disc jockey, Michelle, told Allan that she wanted to sing the encore with David and Vince. Allan said, "Oh, that sounds like a good idea!" Well the band just about shit, especially Nikki. He was like, here’s Roth coming down here, a big star doin’ us a favour. Roth was actually pretty cool about it. He didn’t like the idea, but he was gonna go along with it. At the point of the final encore, Michelle and Allan are by the stage. She was ready to hop up onto stage and David came down stairs, ready to go on stage. When Michelle then hopped up on stage with Vince before David got to the stage, David turned around and walked away. He wouldn’t do it. So it ended up just Michelle and Vince singing Jailhouse Rock.

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    06.01.16 @ 11:55 AM
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    i thought the only conection between Dave and Crue, was Dave hangin out with Pamela Anderson ...

    maybe i'm crazy,
    or just too high...

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    I never would have thought Dave would have associated with MC. Interesting!

    "What is understood don't need to be discussed. 'Aint that right Edward?'" Sammy Hagar, Right Here Right Now



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