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    No Bozo's
    This clip is a total trip! Helllllooooo! Wolfie's like 7 n' shit and he's running onstage to hug his Dad!

    Man and to think that these past 2 years that happened to VH it is NB's guess that all this time ED was cherishing his son! LOL ...

    Ya know %75 of the time Ed was teaching him some basic chords and phrases.

    Did you see that big ass grin on EVH's face the second time wolfie went on stage! Now that shit is way too deep to comprehend my friends. LOL

    Those were my thoughts! How bout' yours!

    I threadded this in "101" cause I'm not to sure many peeps have it so? ... Maybe Glenn can hook up an address from where(theclipofwolfie) came from!

    Word, Word, and Word! ...

    *swig o' weiser n' a drag* from a wet cigarette ...

    "broken down n' dirty dressed in rags" -DOA

    "this is home, it's the only one I know" -Mean Streets

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    Yep that is a cool clip NB. Wolfie has a tough gig doesn't he. Killer mom, and "Lord of the strings" for a father. Not to mention his uncle who is pretty burly as well. Cool clip indeed. Out

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    I haven't seen that clip for quite some time, it's from Philadelphia if I remember correctly. When I saw it, it was in a special section of the VHND, but I don't think it's there anymore. The clip I saw was pretty vague, but I recall thinking that Wolfie looked like Sean Lennon in those videos you see of Sean when he was really young and had long hair.

    Good call on the parents T5. I know when I sit down to eat turkey with my folks this Christmas I'll be bitching, "why couldn't you guys have been more like Eddie and Val".

    The Michael Jordan of Van Halen websites!!!

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by track 5:

    Killer mom, and "Lord of the strings" for a father.


    LMAO@ "Lord of the strings", but yes indeed tis' true.

    t5 you always come up with burley shit(posts) ... JMO(justmyopinion)

    "broken down n' dirty dressed in rags" -DOA



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