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    03.28.15 @ 05:30 AM
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    All this no news bull shit. I guess I'm in vent mode right now. Why can't Ed and Al just come out and say it's over if it really and truly is? Why leave what's left of the fan base in indefinite limbo? I can live with the fact that the band had one hell of a run and decided to call it a career. All good things eventually come to an end but dealing with the never ending speculation of whether these guys are going to comeback has just exhausted me to no end. I truly hope that Ed is healthy and doing fine. He's had a rough go of it and I wouldn't wish that shit on anybody. His well being on a personal level is much more important than getting any new music from the guy. All that being said though the one thing that will continue to piss me off is the never ending torture of whether the band has truly played its last note. Too fuckin sad.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    One factor of the current situation that doesn't get mentioned too often is the fact that our pace of life is much different than some other people's. There is a particular cross section of society that has not bought into the pace of instant information via internet and more recently things like digital cable and 24hr news networks and the like.

    There are people (from what I've seen the division occurs from the mid-thirties set and up) that use it to it's full advantage but there are also many who have blown it off and it's business as usual. I think we all know what catagory the self proclaimed "technological uni-bomber" falls into. I'm not sure that Ed truely realizes how far he's fallen off the current pace of life and divulgance of information.

    I wonder if anyone (like say his f$&^in' webmaster) has taken the time to clue him in.

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