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    07.14.10 @ 08:31 AM
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    Alright, this is just my opinion and doesn't mean anything, but I decided to share it with you guys anyways. Warner Bros. is releasing these "re-mastered albums" in September. This may mean that there won't be a new album anytime soon. I mean, why would they release this stuff right before a big album comes out. I would think that they would do it when there's NOTHING going on at the moment with the band. It seems like they're just getting us fans off their back for a little while longer by giving us something else to talk about. But hey, it's Van Halen, who knows.
    Just a thought.


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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    That's a valid argument. But you could also argue that they're going to put something out very soon, start a tour, and the momentum of that would sell these remastered CD's in very large quantities. I argued for a long time against remastering the albums, but frankly I'm now very excited about it being done. I have a couple of questions about it though.
    What did they do to VH 1 in order for it to become a Gold Disc CD? Was that a remastering?

    Would a remastered VH 1 sound the same as the Gold Disc?

    Did the Gold Disc of 1984 ever come out? If not, has it been cancelled in favor of this September remastering?

    Anybody have any idea about these questions?

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    VH1 WAS remastered from the original master tapes by steve hoffman, quite well done too. But the way in which it was remastered is different than how most compilations are re-done. It was remastered using tubes and all kinds of other shit, pretty technical. The 'new' VH1 WON'T sound as good as the gold disc. Because of the nature of the gold disc itself. Even the gold was an improvement over the usual silver we all know and love (cough).
    The gold disc sounded almost like a vinyl recording it was GREAT!
    BTW, does anybody know if they will be rereleased on vinyl??

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    09.26.17 @ 01:05 PM
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    Hey, CD's actually sound better than Vinyl, but older ones were digitalized analog recordings, and they lost some quality in the digitalisation process. I don't think that the surface of a cd makes a difference in the sound quality. They're just stored 0's and 1's. They sound the same on every surface, you can copy them on the hard drive, they'll sound the same. You can copy them to a CD-R and they'll sound the same (if you copy them right). On the gold disc they changed the mix, it has more bass and a richer sound in general (they probably took Eddie's guitar to both channels, but I'm not sure about it). They'll do the same with the other albums. The only remastered album I'd buy is OU812, and maybe VH2. The other ones sound good enough IMO. BTW, do they also remaster VH3 ?



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