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    11.02.05 @ 02:38 PM
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    i really don't expect any announcements untill this is over and done. with all the fuss and promotion of vh's announcement you know this will still get brought up- i truly believe ed will want to minimize this subject as much as possible- saying something like: "it is over and done..all taken care of"

    ...i don't think they want to distract people with anything other than the album/tour/singer situation.

    peace and mas tequila!

    (right now it's nicer in cabo)

    oh my god you killed kenny! YOU BASTARD!!
    -UP FRONT FANATICS !!!!!!!!!

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    05.20.18 @ 08:47 PM
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    I think it will be addressed once and thats it, I doubt that Ed will want to dwell on this subject.

    I am moving this to speculations

    ((Just My Two Cents))
    and thats about what its worth



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