I was reading a few opinion about how people say Sammy sucks because he bitches all the time about Roth and Van Halen and other stuff. So I decided that I'd share my humble of opinion about the state of Van Halen.
The thing some of you Sammy-haters need realize is that when it comes down to it, what Sammy says/does in interviews and what he says about Dave and such - I couldn't give a flying fart about. All I care about is the music, not the personality of the singer. Maybe the tours weren't quite as "upbeat" as Dave's (as you all seem to agree), but when he became the lead singer, an element of Van Halen faded away and a new, fresher element took its place. Sammy Hagar added to the variety of the music of Van Halen with his different vocal style, which when you really stop being so detailed, is NOT that different from Dave. When I first listened to "Best of Van Halen" (the FIRST time I had ever heard them), I thought it was the same lead vocalist throughout. So from that point on, I considered both vocalists (whom I later realized were two men named David Lee Roth and Sammy Hager) to be equal in my "child-like" eyes. I doubt anyone really agrees with my point of view, but I don't judge music on the state of the frontman's mind, appearance, personality, or comparision to a different frontman. Music is about just that, the music. That's what I want more of, and that's what Van Halen 3 lacked, not just vocal talent persay, the music written for Cherone just wasn't worthy of his talent. All I'm asking is a farewell album with EVH, Alex, Mike, a talented vocalist, and some kickass music. And I'll end this by saying that if its worth it, "I'll Wait".