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Thread: New Music

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I have heard three new songs from Van Halen:
    1) Blue Sun Burnin'--- Opens with insanely wicked drums, blasts right into heavy guitars and driving low end bass. Dave's vocals resemble that of "Unchained" or maybe "D.O.A". Very heavy song, will be well received by fans of heavy Van Halen songs.
    2) Octopus--- Opens with a driving repetative guitar riff reminiscent of "Ain't talkin' 'bout love". The best song of the three that I heard. The chorus rocks, very well written musically. Bass and drums powerful as always. Eddie's solo for this song is the best of his career, ferocious is the only word that comes to mind. It's as if all the bullshit of the past 3 years was poured directly into this performance, mind blowing. Truly mind blowing.
    3) Moment--- Opens with some trippy layered guitars,very cool sound builds into classic Van Halen. Dave rocks, Eddie shreds, Al pounds, and Mike booms. Has a slight pop feel could be a definite hit. All around cool song.
    I am not at liberty to say who let me hear these songs, it could lead to that person getting fired. But it definitely was Van Halen with Dave

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    02.13.15 @ 08:56 AM
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    This is a bizarre looking thread. Anyway, it's a repeat, so I'll close this one.



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