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Thread: Leadership

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    02.21.17 @ 06:16 PM
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    As any band member knows, leadership is an extremely important facet of a band or any serious organization. Ed wants so much to be the leader of his band, but I don't know if he is up to the task. In the early days, Dave was the focal point of the band and seemed to be making a lot of decisions regarding videos, etc... Ed Leffler was there as well with a guiding hand. Later, Sammy enters the picture with lots of experience leading his solo band and overall knowledge of the music industry. Sam has admitted he had lots of control at that time, along with Ed Leffler. Leffler dies, leaving Sammy as de facto leader of the band. I think the amount of power wielded by Sam bothered the brothers, so they hired Danniels to balance (no pun intended) the power structure of the band, against Sam's wishes. This ultimately plays a major role in Sam's departure, leaving Danniels in charge. I need not tell you the disaster that turned out to be. They hire Gary, who had no power whatsoever in the band, purely as the singer to go along with whatever Eddie wanted. Ed decides to record "How Many Say I?" and embark on a new, artsy direction for Van Halen. The album stiffs, Gary departs and now the band is in limbo while deciding whether to hand the reins back over to Dave.
    Leadership requires the ability to make decisions, sometimes in the blink of an eye. It also requires one to be able to bounce back from adversity and continue with the vision. After a couple of terrible decisions, it seems Ed is at the point where he fears making another misstep, but also fears the loss of control (No pun intended) a reunion with Roth would likely bring.
    The fact that he has cancer and is still smoking is yet another example of some poor decision making.
    Ego can be a great thing for a performer, but it can spell disaster for a businessman. Ed needs to be a performer and artist and leave the business to someone a bit more qualified.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by naturallywired:
    Ed needs to be a performer and artist and leave the business to someone a bit more qualified.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I agree.
    But he also has to decide the direction his music will go and it´s clear now that he has no clue !

    Dave back
    Sam back
    Gary back
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