[img]graemlins/bounce.gif[/img] Dear Van Halen fans: i am new to this site and reading some of your topics i must say has left me puzzled. as a life long fan i too myself am somewhat disenchanted with the inconsistant direction the band has taken in previous years up to now. it's obvious that with the addition and subtraction of so many frontmen over these few years that the core of band members themselves have been to say the least, lost to the light of vision and direction they wish to take the music, albeit, i'm sure also that some of the dilemma(regarding the whole Roth reunion)is still somewhat touchy to the band themselves for obvious reasons such as personal feelings towards each other. I'm sure there are still some underlying emotions that remain under the surface of the two parties, perhaps bitterness over their prior falling out,or whatever the case may be, that they are still currently in the process of healing and these things take time. All you great and good people of the Van Halen community, you discipleship of fans, take heart and possess faith, over time something shall evolve. And I would recommend to anyone suffering over this situation to put on any Bob Dylan, U2, or perhaps some old Doors and do not contemplate on this too much. Peace out, the apostle paul