I can totally see why Sammy said what he said a bout David Lee Has Been in that NY Post article.

Dave is not dependable. All of you Dave ball huggers can say what you want about Dave to protect him from becoming another one of Van Halen's failed abortions.

Below was taken from the Van Halen News Desk. You be the judge......
Roth Being Sued Again
David Lee Roth is the subject of yet another lawsuit. This one sees Roth being sued by Louis J. Gavrel, a Texas booking agent/tour manager for non-payment of $51,200 plus an additional $17,081 in attorney's fees. Full details of the story can be found in the Houston Chronicle.

Roth Sued By His Former Webmasters
November 9, 2001 - The New York Post reported today that the Manhattan-based public relations firm 2 Guys Who Do Ads is suing David Lee Roth. The lawsuit was filed yesterday in the Manhattan State Supreme Court and charges that the former Van Halen frontman owes the company $110,428.91 in outstanding fees.
Roth hired the company in 1997 to create his official web site (now offline). Shortly after, 2GWDA turned their previously unofficial slawterhouse.com web site (now offline) into the official David Lee Roth site.
Slawterhouse's very outspoken "anti-Van Halen" attitude was toned down a little after it was anointed as Dave's official site, but features such as "the lounge" were kept and remained popular until the site was taken offline without notice in late September.
2 Guys Who Do Ads are credited in the liner notes of Roth's 1997 autobiography Crazy From The Heat, as well as his recent albums The Best (1997 - Rhino) and DLR Band (1998 - Wawazat!!).
Known to Roth's Internet fans as the anonymous "TK", representatives from 2 Guys Who Do Ads looked after the day to day operations of Dave's mailing list (the DLRML) and his official web sites davidleeroth.com, dave-tv.com and rothradio.com. They also designed t-shirts and album artwork.
TK hadn't been heard from publicly since September 8. My emails to them in the days after the September 11 tragedy remain unanswered.
Links: New York Post | Howard Stern audio 11/9/01 (courtesy of van-halen.org)
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Jun 22, 2001 – Notice

David Lee Roth Drops Lawsuit Against VanHalenStore.com
Everything that VanHalenStore.com sells is 100% legal and legit.
April 29, 2002 - Both parties have agreed to the following statement regarding the outcome of the lawsuit:
"David Lee Roth and Jeff Hausman, owner of VanHalenStore.com and The Inside magazine, have settled all of their disputes to their mutual satisfaction. Mr. Roth has determined that nothing illegal has been done by Mr. Hausman, The Inside, or VanHalenStore.com and he has decided to drop his lawsuit in this regard."
I’ve personally known Jeff for years. I’ve ordered a lot of Official Van Halen merchandise from his company and I’ve always known that the items were authentic. I’m sure this lawsuit perplexed all of us die-hard fans who’ve ordered merchandise from him over the past eight years. Surely we would have known if we were being sold fraudulent or bootleg items! Obviously Van Halen had no problem with his business, since Van Halen themselves listed Jeff’s business address in the last two Van Halen CDs and sold The Inside magazine on tour.
So please visit the VHND’s biggest sponsor, VanHalenStore.com, as they continue to have the biggest & best selection of Van Halen items around!
Links: VanHalenStore.com | Los Angeles Superior Court
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