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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I am wondering...if YOU guys and gals could produce Van Halen (excusing any lack of technical knowledge), how would YOU do it?

    For my 2 cents, even though I am not a fan of guitar masturbation, I would DEMAND Eddie do the most INSANE solo piece ever--just to rub it in all the new kids' faces that he's STILL on top of the world.

    I would make sure that Al and Mike were mixed LOUD!!! Finally make VH sound like they should---larger than life.

    I would INSIST on LOTS of vocal harmonies--they weren't present on VH3.

    I would want Eddie to do more keyboard tunes (I know, I know, shoot me, but I think he writes better at the keys), as I miss them from the last few releases.

    Last but not least, I wouldn't let them take so much time off between records---this waiting is KILLING me!!!

    Anyone have an opinion, I'd love to hear it!

    If this is in the wrong forum, I'm sorry--a few too many tonight have impaired me. I'm suffering from 'NEW VH WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME'...I'll discuss it with my doctor ASAP.....

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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    Honestly, I'm not music savvy enough to really distinguish in great detail the difference between the role of producers, engineers, etc. So I don't know exactly what the job of the producer is, although I'm sure there are certain aspects that change depending on what band is involved. That said, I'd be one hell of a cheerleader in there. And brutally honest, because this is my favorite band here, and there's no room for second place here. I'd encourage the guys to fight and scream if it makes the music better, but to know when to draw the line between professional and personal fighting.

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    02.16.17 @ 09:37 PM
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    Abe Van Halen,
    It depends on what circumstances. If Gary was in the band, I'd give 'em 1 month to write and record all of it. Eddie could only play one guitar at a time on one song. No over dubbing. During his solo let the rhythm section (AL and MIKE) handle that. Maybe a few piano songs, and lot's more of Mike and Al. Much more of a raw album.

    If Sammy were the singer, I'd try and bring them back to where they were during Balance and take it from there. I'd like to have seen them get more experimental with Sammy. Balance had a great sound, so I'd try to capture that. It just depends on the songs that Eddie would write.

    If Dave was the singer I'd run for the hills. Eddie might miss, and hit me in the nuts!

    A DIRTY FACED KID in a garbage can!!

    If you don't like what you see here? Get the FUNK OUT!!!

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    Couldn't be any worse than Ray Danniels. I miss Ed Leffler! Oh well.

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    05.17.18 @ 02:18 PM
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    Well, I'd just like to say that I'd like Ed to work very hard on a song with some of the most outlandish playing anyone has ever done. This song would take a long time write (with all of the amazing stuff added to it), but it'd be so cool to hear an actual well-compacted song with a completely explosive guitar part. This part should completely change from anything Ed's ever played. No familiar chords, just everything done clean (umm...distorted, though , but different than something that has ever been done. Everything Ed has done has been mind blowing so far, but I'd like him to go even further and play something that nobody else ever could. I think it has to be done. Lately, Ed's worked more on a songwriting point of view. I'd like him to create the most different piece of music anyone has ever heard, but also turn it into a song with vocals and the whole bit. Don't you guys think it's time for another leap in guitar playing?


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