Man, many of you are pathetic fucks. Why is it we have to live a life right out of the pages of Cosmo magazine? Many of you are so preoccupied with looks that your lives obviously have no substance. To judge an artist/person by the way they look is pure and simple prejudice. It is because of this preoccupation with the way people look that we have to endure Britney Spears and the like.
Does hacking on a person because of their physical features prop up the ego of those making the statements? Probably. Have the guilty ever looked in the mirror and wondered what they would look like in 15 years? And, when contemplating this foregone conclusion, have they puked their guts out?
Sure, lifestyle is a major factor in physical appearance. But isn't it a larger factor when considering the 'soul' of the individual? Does beauty lie within? Do you feel the need to ask a burn victim, "Gee, what happened to your face?" Would it shock you to find out they saved someone from a burning home? Or would you assume it was a free-basing accident? Are many of you so shallow that you can't see the forest for the trees? Wake up folks or your funeral will be held in an empty venue. Yes, you will get old and shriveled up, then you will die. Then again, you may die tomorrow in a terrible car accident simply because you were checking your hair in the rear-view mirror. If that is the case, you JUST MIGHT make a good-looking corpse. Not me.
Fat, ugly guy.