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    I remember seeing an interveiw on MTV where Sammy said back in 1986 that who knows what VH will be doing in 10 years, "maybe I'll be a solo artist again" S.H.

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    Well, he called that one right.

    You know, another funny thing like that was when VH was on MattRock promoting VH3, and the subject came up about Mike singing a song on tour. Gary joked about it saying "Wait a minute, I don't know if I like this. First he (pointing to Eddie) sings a song on the album, now he's (Mike) gonna sing on tour. See that, they're already weeding me out."

    Sounds like Sammy and Gary have the same crystal ball.


    "Someone asked me the other day what I thought I had learned about making music after all these years, and I said, 'Nothing'." -EVH

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    Sam came in in 1985, left 1995.
    More to think about I guess.



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