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    08.12.10 @ 06:15 AM
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    Considering what's been going on in Ed's life, I don't think we're as bad off as some. Ozzy came out with a new album but his last one previously was in '95, correct? Rush is coming out with a new album sometime this year and their last studio album (Test 4 Echo) was in '96. Let's just hope we don't have to wait like that. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    10.09.12 @ 01:50 PM
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    But it's not really about the wait is it? It's the fact that they've fallen off the face of the earth. Ozzy did the Sabbath reunion live album/tours in between albums, and Peart lost his wife and daughter and they told the fans they wouldn't be doing anything for a while if ever.

    VH took as long as this between FUCK and Balance but they didn't vanish.
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Yeah, but they did a live album between FUCK and Balance too...
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