3.1 - Has Van Halen ever approached you to be their singer? Would you try out if you had the opportunity?
No, Van Halen has never asked me to sing for them. If they did I would say "yes." Who could pass up a chance to front the most amazing band in the last two decades? Not me! But I would have to bring my wife.

3.2 - What was your most memorable Punks performance?
The most memorable performance for the band was when we played in Pasadena and Michael Anthony came on the stage and played with us. We were completely beside ourselves! The place was sold-out and he jumped up on the stage and played with us and the place went nuts! It was great! A dream come true!

3.3 - Will you guys ever record and release your own original material?
We were in pre-production in early 1999. We had written five songs, and were getting ready to start rehearsals when Bart got the call for the Roth gig. For now, the record is on hold, maybe forever. Right now I am writing for Warner Television. Next is to put a band together and rock this nation. I think America needs to rock out man.

3.4 - What is your favorite Van Halen record to perform and why?
I don't really have a favorite, but I like leaning towards the first record for live. We play most of the first record because that is what they played in the clubs, and it is just awesome!

3.5 - How much longer will the Atomic Punks be a tribute to Van Halen?
When people stop filling up the venues we play, we'll quit.

3.6 - Do you have a favorite Van Halen song that you can listen to over and over?
"Unchained" and "Atomic Punk."

3.7 - What questions do you like Atomic Punks fans to ask you?
Any question that we get! When people ask questions, then that means that they are interested in you. So we are grateful for the people that ask questions and want to know more about the band.

3.8 - What is your favorite venue to play and why?
I have to be honest with you, and say that every venue that we play is great. Some venues have better lighting, and some have better stages and sound, but when you fill them full with people the energy that Van Halen fans create is awesome!

3.9 - What is your favorite city to play and why?
Every city loves Van Halen and that is why we are fortunate enough to do this tribute to Van Halen. Every city that we go to people dig it, and every state rocks!

3.10 - Will the Punks ever play the Midwest? How about back East?
We would love to. It's all about a budget. We are currently working on putting together a tour for next summer. As far as playing out in the Midwest this year, it will be only a couple of dates in a few selected cities. Check out the Show Calendar or subscribe to the newsletter (on the right-hand side of the site) for announcements about the Atomic Punks on the road.

3.11 - What ever happened with the Punks Van Halen dance CD that you guys were commissioned to create?
We recorded it, Bart mixed and mastered it, the material was submitted, and the CD was made. is currently selling it, and it is available as a Japanese import.

3.12 - What is the largest crowd that the Punks have played for?
We headlined at an outdoor venue in San Diego called the Shamrock Festival. We played for about 5,000 people and the crowd was totally into it!

3.13 - What is the smallest crowd that the Punks played for?
We did a private party in Thousand Oaks for 15 employees. It was like a backyard party! Lots of fun.

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