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    06.08.07 @ 11:27 AM
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    this is a thread that focuses on the overall decline of rock music and the slump in the music biz in general.

    yesterday's USA Today did a great job of summing up the problems. it was an excellent article done in the 'point, counterpoint' format.

    one chart i found astounding showed that of ALL the commercial radio stations throughout the U.S., a mere 4.9% had a dedicated rock format. and only 13.6% played pop/rock oldies. in other words, less than 20% of all commercial radio stations in the entire country play rock music. that's fucking scary, people. (incidentally, Country Music is the clear favorite, with more than 20%)

    following are a few of the problems cited along with IMO interesting quotes:

    A. 'hit' music, but unknown bands: "It's the Nickelback question. They have the most played song in modern-rock radio history, and you can't pick them out of a polic lineup."

    B. station consolidation leads to bland music: "Consolidation has made radio even more cookie-cutter bland, with narrow, unimaginative playlists. Demographic targeting and audience testing eliminate variety, stifle regionalism, and foist the 'least objectionable' music onto the public."

    C. cost of a CD is outrageous: "Shelling out $16-$18 is too much for a record with maybe two hits and lots of padding."

    D. new music is all the same: "Perhaps the most nebulous whine in fandom is the perceived dearth of good music. Roughly 27,000 titles are dumped into the market place annually, yet many consumers--particularly casual or older fans... grumble about a shortage (of good music) and pine for the days of plenty.

    "Record labels sign only the what they hope will sell, jumping on the latest bandwagon and flooding the market with sound-alikes. Everything radio and MTV plays sounds as if it fell off the same assembly line. Record companies focus on radio-friendly and videogenic acts and to the exclusion of worthy mavericks or experimentalists. They spend huge amounts on vidos and radio promotion campaigns in hopes of an immediate hit. Acts that don't strike instantly are dumped."

    rock music in general is fucked. if i hear or see another boy band with look-alike dick heads trying to harmonize, i think i'm going Postal.

    to Sammy's credit, and Dave's too for that matter, the fact they can still put cheeks in seats on this tour is an incredible testament to their music.

    your thoughts

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Good article, but Diver Down NJ already beat you to the draw yesterday in the Music Forum.

    For some responses, see:

    Fans, artists and industry: Nobody's rockin'

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    11.22.16 @ 04:46 PM
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    Doo Doo-
    I read that right after you recommended it to me.
    That pretty much mirrors my sentiments on the situation.
    And who the hell can listen to that much country & western?!?
    Poor saps.
    Q: Recording the album took so long your Australian tour last year was cancelled. What was it like in the studio? There's a history of tension between you and Eddie Van Halen...

    DLR: It was like a stand off in a Chuck Norris movie. We each had the laser dot on everybody's forehead waiting for the other guy to blink. Except for Wolfie, he had a Super Soaker ...



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