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    09.30.17 @ 01:07 AM
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    This is a complete guess, but thinking back to 3, Ed moaned about the terrible sound quality with the music formats of today and how reluctant music companies are to embrace new technology. IS the reason VH dropped Warners and the subsequent nothing at all from the band, all down to the brothers trying to either set up a new label, or get this technology into some sort of workable cost effective format for us to buy? - Who knows, but maybe the reason we have heard nothing is a) Ed & Al, don't want the competition to catch on to what they are up too and b) as they are doing non music behind the scenes business, there really isn't anything to say? I suppose if they put out "hi fans, we are well, but you won't be getting anything for a couple of years" we would be pissed off, so no different from right now.

    Anyway, I am probably just pissing in the wind with this guess, but in the mean time, treat VH like Pink Floyd or any of these supergroups, who we have to wait years for a release, but when it comes out, rejoice, go to the concert, then check out all the other great bands out there until the next time.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    you have some good points, with van halen you never know.
    van halen shall return. what you think is nothing might be something after all.



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