In the new issue of Guitar World Sammy talks about his new album NOT 4 SALE and about the DLR tour and a VH reunion. It's really a great interview--I didn't even know he had a new record out already, it's only been a year since TEN THIRTEEN. Picked it up over the weekend, great CD. Sammy just continues to make the kind of music he likes. Sure it's not Van Halen, but if you like Sam's voice it just keeps getting better with ever post-VH record he releases.

He talks in the interview about not caring if his records fail or not because he wants to make the kind of music he wants to and to hell with whether it's successful or not. Sam just really comes off as a cool guy, jet-skiiing and fishing and relaxing down in Cabo. He says he wouldn't do the DLR tour again because Dave wasn't cool and would never do a duet even tho Sam says he asked him to every night the first 3 wks of the tour. Sam says the tour probably made him look just like an ex-VH singer cuz Dave was out there playing all VH songs and doing jump kicks off the drum stand as if Dave thought he was still actually in the band. So Sam says the tour was ok but he wouldn't do it again.

Then he talks Van Halen. He is very optimistic and says he thinks a reunion with the band in "inevitable." He says a new record and tour with the band would be a "a good page in my book" and that he is a better singer and Eddie is probably a better guitar player than when they broke up and that he knows they could make killer music.

But he says it can't happen until they get all their shit straight. Sam says people tried to get him to go back into the studio when VH was still with Warner Bros but he wouldn't because that's not the right environment. He says he's glad the band broke up when it did because if it hadn't then they all might really hate each other and luckily it broke up before it got REALLY bad. He says everything was fine and they were buddies until the very end so a reunion is possible. He says if Ed comes down to Cabo and goes fishing and jet-skiing and lies on the beach with him and talks he might think "hey Ed, you're actually a nice guy!" and then they could get back together if that's something they want to do.

And several times he refers to a reunion as "inevitable" and something that "we gotta do" and so forth.

Here's hoping. I know there are the Dave fans and I love Dave-era Halen but I think it's more likely that Sammy could get back with them and I loved the Van Hagar era as well so I think this would be awesome... we just need Eddie to clean up his act!!