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    Atomic Punk FORD's Avatar
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    All 6 of em!!
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    10.22.17 @ 07:55 PM
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    I'm going to do the sheep, and the rest of us a favor... Rather than have their stupid shit topics repeatedly taking up bandwidth with 666 different threads on the same subject started every day, I will do the public service of putting all of them here in one spot, where they can be read and replied to by the Dump Sheep, or ignored by the rest of us.

    So here goes....

    "Eddie is Jesus Christ. He is faultless, blameless, has never lied to anyone, and did absolutely everything on every Van Halen album"

    "David Lee Roth is the worst human being since Hitler. He is bald, non talented, and worthless".

    "Justin Timberlake, David Coverdale, and Barry Gibb should all be the lead singers for VH. Not like it matters, since Eddie is God and can make any singer sound good"

    "FORD is evil. FORD is the AntiEd. FORD must be banned from all boards, as he offends our religion!!"


    All responses to the above topics shall now be confined to this thread and only this thread to preserve bandwidth.

    Thank you.
    Eat Us And Smile

    Welcome back, Van HALEN!!!!

    ...It's the BAND and Dave is really the cat that can front VH. He sang his ASS off and was really cool. No cheese here guys, this is filet Mignon! - Steve Lukather's comment after witnessing a Van HALEN 2007 rehearsal

    "What then is this bleating of sheep in my ears?"- 1 Samuel 15:14

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    Eruption BigBadBrian's Avatar
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    VH II
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    Any Song Hagar Doesn't Sing
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    08.12.10 @ 06:15 AM
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    What are sheep?
    "Tardy? I don't feel tardy!"

    "I won't go down in history, but I will go down on your sister!" - DLR

    Pride and Glory - the Packer Story!

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    Fair Warning
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    05.28.18 @ 01:13 AM
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    Thanks FORD you really know how to fucking fix a situation. This horeshit is closed.
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    Tons of Van Halen!



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