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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    today while standing inline for tickets,
    i think there was a common talk about.
    about the fanatasy of sam and dave singing a song together. whats the odds of that.
    well now that sam and dave are doing a tour that looks possible lol
    everyone in line with me was bashing dave
    and rageing on about sammy.
    i didnt say nothing
    i think sammyy is good in his own
    i thinki dave is good in his own.
    everyone includeing knows sam is the better range of singing voice.
    but i prefer daves singing. why ?
    cause i do. but i also think sam is great too.
    i love daves bluesy voice and his showman ship and hyper style.
    dave wasnt born a asshole he was born with hyper its just dave.
    i dont care if his hair is receeding or receeded
    i know dave has done quite a bit in the drug department, and thats why he looks a little wired lol
    he is. he has been a party machine for 25 plus years. how would you look after what he has done...............
    i personally think if your going to the show to watch sammyy blow daves singing in too the
    background and make dave run for cover.
    then your going for the wrong reasons.

    1st of all go to the show for music.
    2nd its dave and sammyy to great musicians of our time. van halen legacy.
    3rd reason great music....
    4th to witness history
    5th to quite possible see the chance of a lifetime
    possible see sam and dave sing a song together.
    possible see mike anthony join the 2 onstage
    and who knows maybe eddie van halen surprises one of the shows to not only surprise dave and sam but the fans.
    lets us all have fun and wish for the greatest.
    later everyone. have fun and remember to pull out or atleast give a false name.
    (( back up bitch! i missed the order box, move your ass back please , so i can order my food,((well if you would have pulled up to the right place in first place.,. look lady back the fuck up or im gonna cap your ass!! yeah uh ill take a#4 quarter pounder plain with cheese only.!!!! drive thru please !!

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    PM Goo with your concerns OLO's Avatar
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    05.24.18 @ 09:42 AM
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    Moving this to opp/speculation.
    ((Just My Two Cents))
    And thats about what its worth.



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