Van Halen for many years have provided countless musicions inspiration to pick up an instrument, to create music, and inspired those who didn't pick up an instrument with their music.

With DLR recent statement there are a few scenerio's that can be assumed or speculated.
DLR's statement was far from negative, and there was no ill will incinuated. There is obviously more to it which DLR either does not know himself, or is not at liberty to say. The scariest thought that comes to my mind is Eddie's health. If the reason they had not worked together since last July was due to a fight, or just not being able to work things out DLR would have come out guns blazing long before now. He did not do that, and when he does finally speak he still doesn't. No slam on DLR but he tends to call a spade a spade and he did none of that.

He expressed a positive outlook for the future. What is the future he is referring to? Is it to an impending continuation of the July sessions? Is it concerning his own solo career? Is it concerning issues withing Van Halen such as contract negotiations, or the aforementioned health. Or is it to a compfortable retirement looking back on the acomplishments of his life? Who knows. But, if Van Halen speaks, as they should, more light is certain to be shed on the situation.

DLR and Van Halen are not stupid people, and it is a foregone conclusion both camps realize that in order to attain the success once enjpyed by both will not be in their future unless it is together. Van Halen has a possibility with a reunion with Hagar but that seems very unlikely.

However, Van Halen surely knows that their fans want new music, and they want it yesterday. They also know that some fans will even give a 4th singer a shot, but would result in a mass exodus of hardcore fans who have been waiting for a 'reunion'. These guys love to play, they love to play on the road, and I kind of get this feeling that the venue size probably doesn't matter to them anymore. They have made their mony afterall.

Back to the DLR statement. It is even possible that the attempt was a failure but the even more impossible happened and they parted with a new found mutual respect and understanding of each other. I do find it hard to believe however that Van Halen has not been working on something for the last 3 years or however long it's been now. If there is a fall release though you can almost be certain it will be singer #4. Yes Mike Anthony said it was someone we all know, and their are a number of singers out there including DLR that 'we all know'.

It's time now that Van Halen comes clean on what is going on. The longer that fans are left wondering the more they will lose, people just won't care anymore, not a good way to go out, and neither is III a good way to go out.