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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    i agree,and i dont mind waiting if they are reuniting,my only problem is this....if i wait and wait and there is no reunion,then,THEN i will be pissed because they (dave and van halen) have no excuse for letting that kind of rumor go on and on without saying,"look,we/i are not doing anything with dave/van halen,we will pick up when we can,sorry folks,we said it wouldnt work." remember folks that is my stance ONLY if we have been led on directly or indirrectly,whatever the could easily be denied if its not gonna happen.

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    04.17.12 @ 02:02 PM
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    If I knew for sure Dave was back, I could wait patiently. However, after this long hiatus comes to an end and they announce a singer other than Dave, I will be pissed - BIG TIME!!!

    I'm the one who makes the tiger go 'way for ya, and I'm the one who brings 'im back out when ya least expect it!
    David Lee Roth, NBC's Friday Night Videos, 1985

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    01.28.16 @ 02:05 AM
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    It's been over a year. We weren't getting that much info even while Gary was still in.

    I wouldn't mind the silence if there was some productivity to it. What is there to gain with the silence?

    For what it's worth, little by little, they are mounting more and more pressure. Everyone says we'll forget about the silence after the release. I'm not so sure anymore.

    Do the owe us anything? No.

    But would it hurt to give an update once and awhile?

    Up Front Fanatics!

    "Keep honking buddy. I'm reloading..." -The Mard
    "They'll find a cure, for anything. Just kill the pain! Numb my brain!" -Sammy, OU812
    "Winner takes it all, 'Till he breaks the fall, In time he'll make it over the top! -Sammy, Over The Top
    "Politians speech is jive. He likes to keep her lie alive, and mass confusion makes him strong... Serious JuJu -Sammy, 10/13

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    as im looking at this, it isnt that long sure it is if you sit by every minute.
    awaiting the moment, yes!
    but for a band that are and is all human.
    its been since november right.
    so the band lets go gary.
    and then decides to kick back and just get themselves in a state of mind to carry on..
    this is a band that said there will be no more vh after gary.
    talking about how if it didnt work they probally wouldnt carry on.
    it was also a way to say to the public that they werent interested in talking about david lee roth or sammy hagar as being in picture of the future.
    but know that it has happen and gary is gone.
    the band has to be just getting in a state4 of mind where they love what there doing again. you have to admit when things arent going great it soon becomes a pain in the ass to carry on.
    the van halen will come together
    only when they have the sense that it is time to make music because they want to, not cause they have millions of fans who. exspect it.
    EXSPECT IT, we dont rule van halens life. sure we helped pay the way.
    but they earned it. there are no refunds.
    there are no quarantees as a fan that we will allways get what we think is suppose to be.
    in van halens eyes it. is there love not a fuckin job.
    when it becomes a fuckin job then fuck that.
    i myself know they will come back and give us all a smile. with some great music.
    maybe its dave maybe sammy. or some guy we have no fuckin ideal about.
    either way its only been a year.
    we have no reason to sit and bitch about it. i myself have refrained from, being in a hurry to here from them.
    im happy whenever. and if it never comes ill be sad.
    but they are humans. they have there own priorities.

    for the idiots that are knocking them for
    takeing there time.
    calling david lee the fault or alex or mike or eddie. get fuckin real.

    and the jokes about dave and hair club for men. and the way they dress.
    or knocking sammy or even gary.

    chill out. i am a true fan.
    in past ive been apart of the childish acts.
    but no more.
    i love this band and only have praise for them.
    so the wait is no problem.
    ill be waiting anxiously. like the rest. but dont see need to rush it.
    if it takes 4 years its there buissness.

    (( back up bitch! i missed the order box, move your ass back please , so i can order my food,((well if you would have pulled up to the right place in first place.,. look lady back the fuck up or im gonna cap your ass!! yeah uh ill take a#4 quarter pounder plain with cheese only.!!!! drive thru please !!

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    05.27.18 @ 11:39 PM
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    Gotta agree, it'll be done when it's done, and be all the better for being done properly. A year is nothing to a bunch of vetrans like VH. Chill out, build a bootleg collection, stripe your kids and pets, whatever does the trick to get you through

    A little zen... Headed your way...



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