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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    IMO it's taking too much time now i gues. Shure the cancer thing of eddie is serious, but he made a offical statement that he is fine now, so that brings us to the BIG question: What In The Hell Are They Waiting For??????. All that rumorus talking about Dave is in, dave is out again, but wait he in once again. Stop the presses and give us fans what we want to hear, tell us in an offical statement that Dave is either in or out. If ed can play golf in public, he also can tell in public if Dave is in or out. So here comes the part of the BIG MONEY THING, mabey they are waiting for the right amound of cash to do there stuff once again, it's starting to think that way, mabey on of you who read this post can give me a fresh new look on this VanWaitingHalen. [img]smilies/confused.gif[/img]

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    01.08.05 @ 10:08 AM
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    As far as the rumors thing goes, remember those are started by rabid fans like us, not the band themselves. They'll basically have the "spin" that is most wanted to be heard at the time, otherwise they are instantly refuted.

    Think about it back in September when Sammy said he heard they had done a few songs and Dave was back out again. Everyone jumped all over him and accused him of having an agenda that would cause him to lie. Then it turns out he was right and everyone else was wrong. So naturally, basing any disgust off of rumors should be more of a disgust at either people that take the time to think them up or maybe yourself for believing all of them. However, disgust over not having heard anything from the band (and I don't mean who the singer is, I just mean ANYTHING) is warranted at this time.
    "Just once I'd like to do the right thing and not get punished for it."



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