Ed Anderson -- bodyguard-manager-career killer -- must be VH's new manager.

It makes PERFECT sense.

Ed, of course, helped guide Dave's solo gig from the respectable A Lil Ain't Enough (last time with Picasso Pete) to Vegas (good call), Leno (even worse) and an indie release of DLR Band (gee, Dave, let's sell 'em out of the back of the van). Of course, what can you expect when you pay your manager with "all the bootleg VH merchandise you can steal and sell on the Internet."

Trusty Ed must be at the helm of VH now. That's the only plausible explanation I can think of to explain why:
(1) VH allowed MTV's slam to go unresponded to.
(2) no publicity for the remasters
(3) Sammy "laps" the band with 2 albums since "3" (of course, 1/2 of Red Doodoo is on par with "How Many Say I?" and "Tight")
(4) VH loses the opportunity to capatalize on free publicity -- DLR on Spin and Gateway.
(5) fans get alienated by VH's refusal to give any hint as to the plans for the future.

Welcome back, ED!!!!!