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    03.03.15 @ 07:31 PM
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    That DLR Army thread has gotten me to remembering the good old days. No, I don't mean when Dave was in the band, or when Sam was in the band. I'm talking about back when we all had a sense of excitement and optimism about a Van Halen reunion. Things were just as argumentitive then, but the arguments seemed somehow fresher and more relevant. Perhaps that's because back then there was a legitimate chance for some sort of VH reunion that doesn't seem to exist anymore.

    I miss the enthusiasm that used to fuel the debate. There weren't as many labels used then (Rothbot, cheese, sheep). People were more willing to discuss the band and what might be happening. There wasn't this incredibly idiotic need to insult everyone just for who they happened to prefer. Hell, some of the higher-ups over at the DLR Army even admitted to owning and enjoying the Van Hagar albums. As we've become more and more polarized, that sort of common ground we all once shared has seemingly disappeared.

    I miss the rumors. You know, the great rumors like the one that fucker Batch started. The doctored press releases, and vague descriptions of amazing new music being heard at the gates of 5150. With every major holiday and music show there was anticipation and excitation. Sure, there was the monthly blow up when all of the pent up enthusiasm was for naught, but there was something electric about knowing our favorite band might do SOMETHING!

    Things aren't nearly as fun anymore. Van Halen missed the boat.

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    04.28.18 @ 02:59 PM
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    Cry me a river, Mike. You schmuck.
    "Gully, watch yourself. I am dead serious." - Brett Norton, Emperor of

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    01.08.05 @ 10:08 AM
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    I hear you, Mike. It was more fun back in those days. I remember sitting on this messageboard all day on the day DMAN (from the old DLR TK website boards) claimed Van Halen would make the announcement of Roth being back. Of course, when it never came and DMAN tried to pass it off as being because of people talking too much about it, I remember being one of the vocal masses calling for his head, and the equally vocal masses that quickly jumped to defend him even though it was obvious he was a nutjob.

    Then there was always the flurry of excitement when 'Shroom Man said the VH official site was going to be redone and everyone expected it to coincide with an announcement. Then people found the new site premature and everyone got disappointed. Ah yes, back when the site originally had a function to ask the band questions, which was understandably removed before the thing launched.
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