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Thread: Panama (funny)

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    Van Halen Prepares To Hand Over 'Panama'

    After 15 Years Group's #1 hit to be ceremonially transferred to Central American nation

    PANAMA CITY -- After 15 years and amid a last-minute flurry of objections from Warner Brothers executives, Van Halen on Tuesday will ceremonially hand over its hit song 'Panama' to the nation it made famous in its lyrics.

    Van Halen will be represented by drummer Alex Van Halen, bassist Michael Anthony, and former lead vocalist David Lee Roth, who sang the 1984 song. Though the ceremony takes place Tuesday, the song -- a pop masterpiece with blazing guitar licks and immense head-bob-ability -- won't officially become Panamanian property until December 31.

    Roth is scheduled to join Panama's President Mireya Moscoso, King Juan Carlos of Spain, and former lead singers Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone in the ceremony. Notably absent from the event will be guitarist Eddie Van Halen, cited as a "righteous pain in the ass" by Roth.

    The hit from their album '1984' was a testament to Van Halen's hard-rock sensibilities, with Roth alternating between nonsense phrases and tiger growls as tribute to the people of the Central American nation. "We're proud to see this creative product on which we worked so hard finally released to the brave people to whom it truly belongs," stated Roth after a jump-split backed with pyrotechnic explosions in the pre-ceremonial press conference yesterday afternoon.

    President Moscoso heralds the song transfer as the beginning of a new chapter in national pride. "Uh! Oh yeah! Ah-huh! Jump back, what's that sound? Truly these words mean more to the people of Panama now that they are rightfully ours."

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    Ed's "a righteous pain in the ass." Yep.

    "If you take a Van Halen record and stick it in your collection, it'll melt all your other records." -DLR



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