I've read these bords for awhile, haven't said much, but I have something I want to say. I've read the Sammy vs. Dave debates and I want to give my opinion and see what others think. First off, I'm a "true" VH fan, I listen to every album regularly and collect boots from all eras, VH has never made a "bad" album, just some better than others. I want to address the comeback if it ever happens. Dave or Sam?? Neither!! I'm 23 years old and I don't want to see a nostalgia show. With Dave, an album could happen, the tour would be good, but the voice is just gone, it's like he's stuck in 1984 without the voice. Sam's voice is still great, he's just way too old, the album would be better with him I think, but I don't know if he would be able to do a large scale world tour, if he did, it would be one and only one.

What I would love to see is an awesome 4th lead singer. I know one is out there, they just need to get out there and find him, mabe it's me , maybe not. But all aside, the next album will probably have multiple lead singers, and the tour will suck with that. These are just my opinion, I'd love to hear what some of you think of the possible future of VH. The reason I want a fourth is because the brothers and Mike are still young enough to go out there and kick the world's ass one more good time, they could be on top again, not just an old tired reunion, but the biggest, baddest, motherf***in band in the world!!