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    If you were at 5150 producing the new album what direction would you be pushing the band.
    What type of song structures, length of songs, ballads (y or N), sound ( like F.U.C.K. or like VH1 ), how hard would you push them. ( I remember Ed as saying that Bruce Fairbairn was the most strict producer he had ever worked with.)
    I can see a reason for the "delay" as being maybe they are making damn sure that they can get Dave's voice perfect on each song and maybe there is a vocal coach there as well helping out.
    But what would all of you do?

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I would be working them hard but making sure we were all having fun too. I know all of us are bumming out right now waiting for something and that is why I would have them busting ass recording all day and night but make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. No ballads. The record would have a nice sound 1984ish/Fuckish. It would rock. Like we are taking off where we left off in 1984. The record would sound like what would have been the next one after 1984. I would even use the same recording equipment. Not high tech stuff of today I am talking 1984-1985 recording stuff.

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    11.28.17 @ 08:02 PM
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    Good topic eddy. Let's see ... I think I'd push for at least a 14 to 15 track album, with a Van Halen I/Me Wise Magic sound. An all-new blow-away "Eruption" type instrumental from Ed. And I wouldn't mind a ballad or two, as long as it was a Women In Love/In A Simple Rhyme kind of ballad. Finally, I think I'd want there to be at least one really good "pop" sounding song on there to really get the whole thing going all over the radio ... and to watch all those doubters and bandwagon jumpers get on board the greatest ride of all-time!


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    05.15.18 @ 01:24 AM
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    i would try to get them to get more in touch with their blues roots

    a little R&B

    some surfer music

    the ORIGINAL ingredients!

    songs would be a little longer than usual

    make sure there are some good harmonies

    make sure they put their hearts into it

    I would have them lovin' each other by the end of the project!

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    Cool idea for a topic! If I were the producer, first and foremost I'd make sure everyone is getting along both in and out of the studio. I'd want at least 1 ballad, because I like 'em and because they diversify the band and their music a little bit. I'd try to keep the songs at about 4-5 minutes in length with a definite FUCK type of sound. Lots of backing tracks, big bass line, etc. As for pushing them, I'd be strict but I certainly wouldn't want to burn them out either.

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    have them make the announcement on July 27th!!! hehehehehe



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