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    05.24.18 @ 07:06 PM
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    Before the VH3 tour, Van Halen had never performed in Australia (although both DLR and Sammy have performed here as solo artists.)

    I saw them play in Melbourne, and the day before the concert had the chance to attend a CD signing session organised through the Hard Rock Cafe.

    There were strict rules that the band was only to autograph VH3 album covers, and had I known that Eddie would be cool enough to inconspicuously sign other CDs people brought along I would have brought more.

    I did get Michael, Gary, Alex and Eddie's autographs on my CD and got to shake all of their hands. All were friendly, but Mike seemed the happiest to be out there meeting the fans. When I was talking to him, Eddie's son, Wolfgang, ran up behind him and burped in his ear! He made a joke about it.

    I commented that the band had never ventured to Australia in the past. Mike said that they'd tried to organise it many times on previous tours, but there was always an obstacle preventing them from coming. He also promised (he actually said "I promise") they'd come back on future tours, too.

    Now I know that Michael Anthony does not have much say in Van Halen, so I cannot read too much into his promise. I also know that at the moment Van Halen doesn't even have a singer let alone a tour manager, but I'm wondering how the re-appointment of either Dave or Sammy might affect the tour that would follow.

    As David Lee Roth wouldn't have the vocal stamina that Sammy Hagar does, would Van Halen only play a limited amount of dates on the U.S. if he returned? (Despite the fact that there may be a greater demand for tickets on account of the fact that they have not performed together for so many years.)

    If Sammy returned would they do larger scale international touring because his voice would hold up for a longer time and allow them to visit more countries?

    I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but does anyone have any thoughts?
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    12.08.16 @ 02:21 AM
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    only thing i can think of: it's gotta be damn expensive to ship all the shit needed for a VH show to Australia. OK, Japan's far away, too, but most of the gear is made there, anyways...logistically, it's gotta be a major pain in the ass. and if they can only play a few major Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne, and wherever else-i'm not up to speed on my geography) they may not make enough money to justify touring there. even full US tours don't break even until halfway through, and we have everything readily available here, not like it's gotta be shipped 15-20 hours one way.

    or maybe the obstacle is low sales? i any Aussie sales numbers of VH discs?
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    05.26.18 @ 02:23 AM
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