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    07.24.09 @ 12:50 PM
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    I have a point to make here about the early years of VH .....
    Some of you talk of early VH being legendary....
    Van Hagar was cheese....
    What makes a legend ? is it critical acclaim? you better listen to REM it cult status? maybe the Ramones? is it #1 songs and albums...? We know what era that came from.....
    I think if theres anything legendary about VH in the early years...its EVH and his guitar wizardry
    Thats what really put VH on the map...and thats why VH went on cranking out hits when DLR disappeared from view...
    Those of you that say Sammy just jumped on board and rode VH's history to glory for himself...
    Name me one other high profile band that in their prime, changed lead singers and went on to be more successful than they were before...I think Sam deserves a lot of credit for pulling that off.
    I love the music they made with Dave...I just listened to Fair Warning today on the way home from work in the car....but really...I think when Dave quit...he did them a favor...because if DLR stayed in in 1985...I think VH would have gone the way that Dave himself went...they would have died when the Seattle bands took over like so many other 80s acts did...because thats what Dave is...he is an act...he's not real..from his painted on blond head to his tight blue jumpsuit..
    he's not Dave in 2002...he's Diamond Dave from 1982...he even has the same gimmicks...jack off...cigarette on the long do you guys think that really would have lasted in the early 90s ? if you think it would're in dave denial...if you think he would have came up with something new...well..I think this tour speaks for itself...
    And why isnt Dave playing more of his solo stuff on this tour ? Thats easy...this tour is his campaighn ...his way of proving to VH that he's capable of doing a reunion tour...and he probably is...if they want it to be a farewell tour...a nostalgia tour...then go for it...
    Some of you will toss out "me wise magic" face it people...that song wouldnt have gotten on a real VH was mediocre at best....
    It was good to see Dave again up here in Washington...nice to see the tribute show open for the real man who has released new music in the last 10 years...
    Sammy Hagar...
    Sams the man!!!
    But thats just my opinion....
    Kev [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]

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    Romeo Delight
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    02.29.12 @ 04:55 PM
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    AC/DC changed singers and became more popular than before, and how do you define VH as being more sucessful when Sammy joined? I sure as hell don't see it.

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    10.28.09 @ 02:43 AM
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    DLR would've been a legend, had he retired in mid 80s. He was God back then.
    It's just sad to see him going on like this. I mean, he just doesn't age gracefully I guess.
    Sam isn't a legend either.
    Edward Van Halen IS a legend.



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