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    Romeo Delight
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Yeah, i know what ya mean, for instance bootlegs are unofficial so we can listen to the boys in live concerts, offical this isn't possible because of the many rules that go with it.

    Also in mercandise, rare stuff is offical hard to find, but unofficial sometimes you may got lucky, and find what you are looking for.

    So eitherway sometimes things has to be adapted to rules and shit, so you get official allowed by the band and WB stuff, otherwise you have unofficial stuff, and then you also can by as we say here in holland * A Cat In The Sack *, wich means something like buying stuff that after you get it it's nothing worth afteral.

    It can work bothways i guess.

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    Red-Balled Mammoth
    They officially suck.

    "God bless ya southern California, you people are bad-asssss"-DLR at the '83 Us Festival.
    "No, that's not a microphone in my pants. I'm just happy to see ya, Californiaaaaaa!"-DLR at the '83 Us Festival

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    11.07.17 @ 03:10 PM
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    man didn't the inside go to shit when it became "offical" and also the dome-god...

    it takes me least halfway through the label 'fore i can even make it through the night.



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