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    06.14.07 @ 10:43 AM
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    As reported on CNT,

    A resident of Nashville Tenn have spotted Edward Van Halen and his brother, Alex, in Nashville Tenn. The stunned non-rock fan reconinzed the brothers from the, "Got Milk" add that was posted along Interstate 40 in Nashville, back in 97. Also, the resident stated that he remembered seeing an artical on the band back in 83 in Teen Scene Magizine, while on a date with his sister and 1st cousin.
    Now, the non-rock fan stated that he spotted and "Chewed the Fat" with them in a clothing store called, "Ranchland". He states that Ed and Al were there buyin new clothes and both were tryin on "Cowboy Hats". Ed had 4 pair of Wrangler's, and a pack of Redman, while Al had a 6 pack of Goat Roper Shirts and a pair of "Dungree" overalls.
    The Non Rock fan told the CNT reporter that they're conversation was, short, sweet and to the point. The non fan explains that, "I wasn't sure hows to strike a talk with a couple of rock and rollers, but I just toll em that I thought that song they did, "Schools out for summer" was alright. But I didn't care for the singer with the black eye makeup and all the snakes..." The fan goes on to explain that Ed was quick to tell him that it was Alice Cooper he was thinking of and not them, Van Halen. Once the non-fan heard the name Van Halen, he stated that he had indeed heard of them and that the song, 'running along side the devil and he's winning', was a jamming tune. First time the "Fan" took a "Naw" off of a "Plug of Levi Garrett", while listening to that song, the non-fan explains.
    Now, the non-fan goes on to tell the reporter from CNT, that Ed did indeed tell him that Ed/Al and families in tow, "done pack up and left them dar hills in Cali-for-niaaa yyyy!" Non-fan goes on to explain that Ed was searching for the latest thing, and that thing was Country Music. The Fan was perplexed that Rock and Roll had come to town, but gave out the Southern seal of approvel, which is the "REBEL YELL". The reporter learn that this so called yell, stunned Al and Ed, but quickly made their way to purchase their new duds.
    The fan went on to explain that he was still confused why Van Hollor was wanting to change music, but smiling that toothless, tobacco stained grin, and wipin that greasy snot smear on a goat roper shirt, hanging on the rack, the fan went on to explain that, "Nashville had that affect on ppl."
    The non fan continued to tell that when Al/Ed where heading toward the door, the ole boy yelled to em and stated, "who's gonna be in ya'll little ole band?". Ed was quick to say, Little Jimmy Dicken and Boxcar Willy. The non fan, who was quickly becoming a VH fan gave out another "Rebel Yell" which again startled the VH brothers. They both walked backward toward the front store doors, Ed draggin a smoke out of the side of his mouth, Al lookin like the terminator, made their way out to the parking lot. The "NewFan" quickly followed em out, but was taken back when he saw the bright red Ferrari sitting in the parking lot with Ed and Al getting in it. For the fan, this car might as well have been a UFO, and in the fan's mind, it prolly was. The fan was quoted as saying, "Hoddamn boys dat somekind of Special Goverment Science project gone astir?" Ed, not knowing what was just said, looked at the fan and stated, "What the fuck man?" Ed told the fan that "We're hear to try our hand at Country Music and if he liked it fine, and if he didn't, that was fine too..." Ed and Al, looking quite confused and pissed, jump in the car a drove away.
    The fan, just standing there trying to make sense of what had just happened, shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to wipe the Cow pooty poo off of his boot, took a spit, and begin to dig the grim out from under his finger nails with the ole trusty pocket knife, just grinned the toothless grin and took knee slap and gave out a, "Hoddamn".

    VAN HALEN ARE ON THERE WAY TO BECOMING COUNTRY AND WESTERN STARS! This explains the hush, hush from the VH camp. The Camp is makin camp in Nashville U.S.A.
    At least it's music. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

    This post is sponsered by: 28hrs, lack of sleep, and 3 Crown and Cokes.

    Happy Daze and thanks for sharing my boredum of the whole damn VH Thingy.
    "They say a song without vocals is not a song, tell Beethoven that and he'll kick your ass."<br /> Edward Van Halen

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    01.11.08 @ 08:17 PM
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    Sounds like something that would come from the DLR Army! [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]



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