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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Well,what do you know. Another Dave vs. Sammy post. Actually, it's nothing like that. I've seen Dave solo 3 times, and I've seen Van Halen with Sam 4 times. Let me say this. Dave's first show (Eat 'Em & Smile) was the best, however all I heard all night was BASS. Steve Vai's guitar should have been unplugged because I couldn't hear it any way. The Skyscraper tour was good, the sound much better. The third show for the third solo album was a horrid joke. Dave recycled EVERYTHING from the first show. Including: riding the surfboard, humping the big inflatable microphone, and the big Texas cowboy hat. Are we noticing something here? Sammy's 0U812, Monster's of Rock, F.U.C.K., and Balance tours were all AWESOME. However, his refusal to sing a lot of the Dave era stuff was a total letdown. So in closing, I'm not here to BASH either one of them. In fact I like both versions. I just wanted to make a statement that both have shortcomings, but both were awesome in their own way. Dave's era was more powerful, kick ass, and downright mystical. Sammy's era produced more #1 albums, introduced Van Halen to a second tier of younger fans, and kept them on top of the rock world.

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    09.07.08 @ 01:03 PM
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    AlexFan enters the post only to hear:


    Seems like you really have a captive audience with this thread.
    Van Halen without the original 4 is just not Van Halen.



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