Quite a bit of speculation about the possibility of them opening up for Dave & Sammy on the streets here.
Even the Boston Herald made brief mention of it in yesterday's paper.

Something is really strange about this sudden Sam/Dave bond.

1) Could be a try-out for VH, whomever gets the best reviews could be lead singer again. Unlikely

2) Warming up for trip to 5150 to do a duel singer album. Possible

3) Looking to cash in on the VAN HALEN past to fill their wallets and egos. Quite Possible

4) With the Mikey connection and possible guest appearances on stage with them, Eddie and/or Alex isn't yet healthy enough for rigors and stress of album production and/or touring. And lack of any info from VH.com is due to keeping their privacy the best that they can. You know how fast internet rumors spread. . Best bet