This is very long, but I want everyone to read!! Thank you.

Well last night I made the decision to close the board. This was based on the fact that dealing with all of the problems with the site was becomming a burden for a band that hasn't done a thing in four years. Also, the constant headache of monitoring it and troublesome users just made it not fun anymore. However, within an hour of me closing it, I got about 40 emails telling me to please re-consider and open the board. That really surprised me considering it was about midnight Pacific time. People really said they'd miss the place and the community. So I thought perhaps I was a bit hasty, and decided that I'd re-open it this morning. But I have made some changes. Changes in my board policies to make me feel comfortable in continuing to operate the forum. If you don't agree with my new policies, that's fine, just don't post on the board anymore. Easy enough. Ok so here's it is:

1. If you are coming here to attack and bash other Van Halen/DLR/Sam/Gary (anything that has to do with VH) web sites, it simply will not be tolerated any longer. If you don't like another message board, that's fine, but I don't want to hear about it here. By the same token, if you hate this site and want to insult, bash, and name-call, that also won't be tolerated. If I see anyone posting with the purpose of starting some inter-site nonsense, their post will be DELETED. Yes, DELETED and you will be warned. We rarely delete anything, but posts of this nature will be gone immediately. If you do it a second time, you are banned. There is no reprieve, you are gone. There will be no more tolerance for hatred of Van Halen sites and message boards anymore on here at all. If you don't agree or don't like this policy that's fine, don't post here anymore. If you e-mail me to ask you why you were banned, I will just forward this URL to you, you can figure out for yourself what you did wrong. Somehow I think you'll know.

2. If you personally attack or insult another individual, and I SEE IT, you will be warned once, then you will be banned the second time. No reprieve. If you can't debate and argue like adults without resorting to petty attacks, you will not be welcome here anymore. Enough is enough. And don't email me or say on the board that "So and so said this 4 weeks ago and you did nothing." If I don't see the post when I happen to be on the board, then I'm not going to do anything about things in the past. Think of it like speeding in your car. You get away with it all the time, but once in a while the cop pulls you over. Same thing here, if someone is constantly attacking other users eventually I will see if I've been missing it. If you can't have the Sam/Dave war without resorting to childish attacks and petty name-calling, you won't be posting here anymore. If you don't agree or like this policy, don't post here anymore.

3. If you personally attack me, Tim, Goo, or any other moderator, you will be banned. Constructive criticism and discussion is of course fine. Common sense should tell you when you're crossing over the line. If it doesn't we'll help you. The mods here deal with all the crap for free, they get nothing out of moderating on this site, except they love Van Halen and help me out tremendously. You attack them, you're gone, simple. If you attack me, Tim, or Goo, you're gone. I could care less if you hate us or not, but you won't waste my bandwidth and my dollars telling me you do. Waste some else's. If you don't agree or like this policy, don't post here anymore.

4. If you screw with this site, attempt to hack it, or try to access un-authorized areas, you will be banned immediately. If you aren't sure what an un-authorized area is, then this probably doesn't apply to you. The small minority causing these kinds of problems know who they are and what they are doing. I have the IP addresses for every single access of this site, so if you think you're getting away with anything, you're not. At this point, I have no problem taking further action anymore, contacting your ISP if you're attempting to compromise this site. It is a criminal act, I guess I should start treating it as such. Again if you don't like or agree with this policy, don't post on here anymore.

5. If you have a problem with a webmaster who has the following opinions: Eddie Van Halen is my favorite musician/guitarist, Van Halen was at their best when David Lee Roth fronted them, DLR's first few solo records are good (DLR Band is fun too), I accepted and liked Sammy Hagar in VH, I have no issues with Gary Cherone, I don't like Sam's solo stuff, never have never will, Dave's voice doesn't sound that good anymore, and this damn post is too long! Now if you have a problem with me posting opinions that reflect those statements, then don't post here anymore.

6. Moderators can access your IP address in forums they moderate. This has never changed, never will change. If moderators are using your IP addresses to damage you somehow, I want to know immediately. It has never happened, and the group of mods we have have been with this site so long, they have earned your trust.

7. Moderators cannot see anyone's password. If someone says different, they're lying.

8. Tim, Goo, and myself can access everyone's IP address, again this is nothing new. If you don't trust us, don't post.

9. Tim, Goo, and I can find your passwords if we have to. We never need to know what they are, so this isn't even an issue. Like I said before, if you don't trust us after 3 years to protect your privacy the best we can on here, then don't post here anymore. We're not compromosing anyone's ability to use their account, unless they have been banned.

10. IP addresses are not visible to all users. There was a flaw in something I DID a while back that allowed people who weren't administrators and moderators to see IP addresses from the Recent Visitors page. The problem has been corrected.

11. I don't condone anyone on this staff breaking into anyone else's web site. If I find out they're doing it, they will be removed. End of story.

12. Registrations on this board will be monitored by me. Nobody will be posting until after I approve their registration. Free e-mail addresses are gone, you may not register using one like or If it's too much to ask to take some responsibility for yourself and use a real e-mail account, then you can't post here. People who are already members who have free e-mail accounts ARE TOTALLY FINE! If you are current member and want to switch to a free e-mail provider, absolutely you can. This new policy just affects NEW registrations.

14. Emails from me. Very rarely will I send e-mails to anyone from here, unless I know you very well, or I'm responding to one you sent me. I usually use Private Messages instead if I have to ask you something. Now of course once in a while I do mail everyone about something, but it's very rare. If you're getting those KLEZ worm viruses from my email address, don't open it, it's not from me. Just delete them! Our server seems to have a problem keeping them out, and it randomnly grabs e-mail addresses and mails the KLEZ virus out so it appears it came from the user, but it hasn't. I get about 20-30 of them a day, from all different users on the board. I'm trying to figure out a way to stop it, but so far no luck. It's really freaking annoying, just delete them if you get them. Sometimes the subject of the e-mail says "A new game," or something like that.

14. Aren't you glad there's no #15? Sorry thought some humor would help here. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Anyways that's about it. Most of these rules don't affect the majority of posters here. We have a great group of people, it's just the 5% that are complete wackos that seem to make the most noise and ruin it for everyone else.

These new rules and guidelines are the only way I feel comfortable keeping this board open. I've already taken out some of the trash, I am sure there will be more get rid of at some point. Yes there are stricter rules now, but like I said, these only apply to a very small group of people who have their own agendas with this site.

Thanks for all the support I got on e-mail, certainly didn't expect such a volume of e-mail so fast last night. Renewed my faith in most Van Halen fans. [img]smile.gif[/img] Please do not post about these new policies or guidelines, if you have questions, just e-mail me.