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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Hi everyone, I am starting to get really serious about my playing, and have just started up a band...

    I want to invest in a bunch of cool pedals, but am having trouble picking and choosing...

    I was wondering if I could hear some advice on what pedals I should go with, what they actually do, and what are the favorties???

    I mainly need a good distortion pedal, I am interested to know if anyone's tried the "Digitech WHammy Pedal" and also wha pedals and phasers...

    Also, what does a chorus pedal even do??? Oh yeh, keep in mind I want to play like pretty hard rockin' stuff like VH, but also I like more outhere stuff like radiohead...

    Thanks everyone!

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    10.28.15 @ 04:22 PM
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    The BEST way to find out about pedals is to go into a guitar store like Mars or Guitar Center and start trying them out. You don't need a huge variety, just what you want to use to get the sound you like. I personally use a Boss Metal Zone distortion and Dunlop Crybaby. My amp is a Fender Ultimate Chrous so I get chorus effects through the amp directly. You may try out a delay even a flanger, which replicates a spinning speaker going in and out on the sound...
    As for what the chorus does, it adds depth and a rate of osciliation of the tone... Like a chorus in church, the chorus effect meshes multiple tones into one subtle tone. Depending on how you adjust the depth or the rate, you may have more or less chorus.



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