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    10.05.17 @ 10:44 AM
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    I know a lot of you guys don't like wireless, but if you absolutely had to buy one, which one would you get?

    I'm thinking about the Sony WRR802A or the Shure ULXP14.

    Has anyone heard anything good or bad about these two units? Or does anyone have a better suggestion?
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    09.20.17 @ 07:12 AM
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    Wassup, X-man?

    I have been looking into this a bit recently (played an outdoor venue last month where I came unplugged 4 times--still active on stage at 36!). I have talked to some pros from both the playing side and the sound reinforcement side. You have done some research, X-man. The units that you mention are the best in the "under-a-grand (street)" arena and are the only ones in that category worth their salt. Nady is dead. Don't even mention that "S" company!

    That particular gig I mention above is a fair, I have played there 4 years running. In those situations you will find that radio use is heavily used, rendering most lower-end units unusable anyway (not that they were that usable to begin with). I am a tone snob, and I can easily hear the difference in the cheaper ones, but at this level it is harder for me. I have yet to try one in my studio where the differences would be more noticeable.

    Personally, I like the Shure option more, but it is mostly based on bias. The model that you mention has steel construction (a big advantage in the Pro line), UHF, and a boatload of frequencies available. These are the things that I am looking for.

    Then again, I am getting old very fast, so how much jumping around do I have left? I am afraid that I will have to take the Ed route soon (a cane and a cord)!

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